Chronic Headaches is no More

by Phil (NY)

I have been suffering from chronic headaches for over 10 years, and as of January 2021, my headaches are gone, I have never experienced a single chronic headache since then. Let me share with you how this happens, but first let me start from the beginning.

Before chronic headaches, I have always had migraine, this would come once in a while and I would start seeing flashes before my eyes, and if I don't take Advil I would experience headaches after the flashes. This was normal for me, I have it under control as long as I am taking Advil.

Over 10 years ago, I can't recall the exact moment when I started experiencing chronic headaches, but I do remember the moment when I was working at the office, when I started experiencing constant pounding on every corner of my head, I know this is not migraine, but migraine symptoms come with the flashes first then headaches which can be control by taking Advil.

The constant pounding could last several hours, even when I sleep it off, the next morning or day, it would come back again. The worst thing about the constant pounding is the pain is ever lasting and it seems to attack deeply into the nerve, you cannot focus 100% and you can't escape it, and you lose the desire to function normally or do anything, I have tired Advil, Tylenol, Aspirin, over the counter Tylenol, Botox Injection, all the meds you can get from the pharmacy, and it doesn't help alleviate the pain.

I don't like taking drugs, so I have not opted for hard core painkiller because I don't like the feeling be being sedated, however I did try cannabis THC prescription at a very low dose, it does help alleviate the pain but it doesn't help with the root cause. I don't like THC because it makes you high, and I don't want to get high when I am working.

I needed to find the root cause because the pain was getting worse and the frequency was getting higher, initially I would get 5 or 6 chronic headaches in a month, but it started to get worse when I was having 10 to 15 chronic headaches in a month.

Over the course of 10 years I have MRI scan to determine the root cause, I have seen numerous headaches specialist, I even have my eye examined by the optometrist just to be sure is not cause or trigger by my vision. Everything seems to be normal, there are no abnormality in my scan, the specialist cannot come up with anything, and is not my vision or eye sensitivity, sometime I would sit by the computer for more than 9 hrs working and it doesn't trigger anything, so all this have been ruled out.

It wasn't my diet, because I eat very healthy, I don't each much junk food as I don't have craving, I exercised 4 times a week and I get plenty of sleep. I have a good solid routine on good health, I don't smoke, I don't party, I don't drink or do drugs, and I don't stay up late at night.

I am thinking to myself, I am doing all the right thing then what could it be, there must be something that I missed that could be triggering the root cause, and as I started ruling out things that don't matter, I started to listen to my body, what could it be? If the pain is not trigger by external, then it must be internal, then I realized tensions on the back of my neck.

The neck tension is not new to me because I am already aware of it as I was self-diagnosing before, but never really think much of it because I am always looking down slightly at the laptop when I am working, then I realized how much hours I spend putting my neck in that position. I started to believed that it might be the compounding effect on my neck that could be triggering the nerve and severity of the headaches.

As innocent as it sounds, I tried not to overlook the situations, but decided to try something different, so instead of glancing down at the laptop, why don't I glance straight at the monitor plugged into the laptop, so this way my head and neck is straightly aligned.

For the sake of humor, I tried this way for a month, this started back in January 2021, remembered I mentioned I used to get 10 to 15 chronic headaches a month, when I started doing this, as of this writing, we are now in July 2021, and I have not experienced a single chronic headache since then.

What can I say, I am just so grateful, I am now pain free, and I am no longer weighted down by such heaviness.

Everyone have different situations, and I hope this writing help others one way or the other.

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